Heirloom Photography Sessions Southwestern Montana

Heirloom Photography Sessions Southwestern MontanaHeirloom Photography Sessions Southwestern Montana

FAQ - Answers to my most commonly asked questions!


Who do you photograph?

I mostly photograph women and children.  I do photograph men, however, they don't seem to like being photographed.  I would love to get more men in front of my camera.  I love photographing families and creating images of multiple generations.  I recently found a snapshot of my grandmother, my mom, my daughters and I.  Four generations in one image ... I love it!  

What if I am not photogenic and take horrible pictures?

That is my job!  Don't worry I will take good care of you!  As the photographer, I am responsible for posing and lighting.  I pose and re-pose clients to create the most flattering but natural looking images.  I use studio lighting to create flattering, painterly light.  I love the look and emotion of the paintings created by the old masters!  

What if I want glamorous images but don't have a glamorous wardrobe?

I know some of the best places to shop!  There are online and local retailers that carry some spectacular articles of clothing.  I can also help you create glamorous images by constructing and creating gowns out of lengths of different types of fabric.  

How much photoshop editing do you do?

I can do as much or as little editing as you want.  Unless a client specifically requests more, I edit out blemishes that are not permanent (acne, bruises).  I typically leave moles, scars, etcetera.  I believe that our bodies are beautiful as they are ... I do not alter a client's shape or size.  My retouching workflow typically consists of removing blemishes, gentle skin smoothing, enhancing highlights and shadows, color correction, and occasionally artistic overlays and textures.

Where do you shoot?

I shoot in clients homes, hotels, businesses, and my small home studio.  I travel as far east as Billings, as far west as Missoula, and as far north as Helena.

What does the photoshoot process look like? What can I expect?

We will set a date to discuss your shoot in depth.  I will give you some "homework" to do so that I know what kinds of images you are drawn to.  I really want to know what your dream photoshoot would look like.  We will discuss your wardrobe and accessories choices.  

I will plan lighting, posing, and backgrounds based upon your wardrobe and the results of your "homework".  You will have four wardrobe changes.  During the shoot I will direct you on every aspect of how to pose.  It might feel uncomfortable or awkward but it will look amazing!

After the shoot, it will take me about two weeks to process your images.  I usually produce between 20 - 30 completely edited images for you to choose from.  I only present the best images.

Your Reveal & Ordering Appointment will be about two weeks after your shoot.  At the Ordering Appointment, you will purchase the images you love.  There is no minimum order requirement.