Heirloom Photography Sessions

Susan Conner Photography


I am a photographer ... well duh ... that is why you are here!   I love photography  ... capturing emotion ... hope ... sorrow ... joy ... looking into someone's eyes and catching a glimpse of their soul.  

After my mother passed away, the impact of not having printed images hit me hard.  She hated being photographed and made so many excuses.  "After I lose weight"  "Just of the kids"  "I am not dressed right".  I wish she would have let me photograph her.  The images that I have of her are much older images ... not the mother I have in my mind.  She was beautiful!  

I have had so many conversations with people about their images or lack of images.  Exist in photos!  My most cherished possessions are three images ... one I took of my father, one of all of my children, and the formal portrait of my youngest daughter and myself.  I wish I had taken more selfies with my children.  I wish I had printed them out ... so many precious images lost with changes in technology and bricked cell phones.

Let me photograph you.  I want to show you how beautiful you are!  Don't make excuses.

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